Presque Isle Snowmobile Club


10538 Rt.19N/Peach
Waterford, PA

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201  PISC Grass Drag Results   -   2016 SPONSORS

JUNIORS III   sponsored by: Orchard Ponds Golf Club 1st Dylan Ruet 
JUNIORS IV   sponsored by: Home City Ice 1st Dylan Ruet 
Vintage Super Stock - 440   sponsored by: Bill Danylko & Son Excavating Inc. With bonus $ from Nothcoast Sanitition & Jensens Target Collision 1st Nick Orengia 
Wellie Yaple Cup       2nd Jeff Kraynak
2002 & older 800   sponsored by: Audio Video Connection 1st  
2002 & older 500   sponsored by: Kearsarge Auto Parts Inc. 1st  
STOCK - 700   sponsored by: Crab Apple Ridge-Divots Bar & Grill 1st  
$ STOCK - 500    sponsored by: Alek's  Powersports w/ bons$ from  Henry's Inspection Services,  1st David Weber
        2nd David Weber III
$ STOCK - 600   sponsored by: Dave Putnam Painting  With bonus $ Kandys Inc. 1st Nick Orengia
        2nd Dustin Brown
        3rd Adam Kaczanowski
        4th Brian Leamer
$ STOCK - 600 Single   sponsored by: in Memory of Frank Johnson from his friends at     Bob Ferrando World 1st Nick Orengia
        2nd Adam Kaczanowski
        3rd Dustin Brown
        4th Chris Lewis
$ STOCK - 700   sponsored by:  Nelson's Trucking 1st Nick Orengia
        2nd Jamie Wrightsman
$ STOCK - 800          PARKER-DAUER MEMORIAL CUP   sponsored by: Greg's Auto Service With bonus $ Jim @ NicholsFence, Pfeffer Insurance Agency, Inc.,Dr. Eric M. VanDamia, DMD,  Nelson's Trucking & Barnhart Transportation, LLC 1st Nick Orengia
        2nd Frank Field
$ IMP. STOCK - 500   sponsored by: Steve Danylko Landscaping 1st Spencer Jones
        2nd Carl Braun
        3rd Jeff Kraynak
$ IMP. STOCK - 600   sponsored by:  Nelson's Trucking 1st Casey Mulkins
        2nd Roy Bowen
        3rd Dustin Brown
        4th Todd Klatt
$ IMP. STOCK - 700   sponsored by: St. Boniface Ushers Club w/ bonus$ from Crolli, Inc.  &  Nelson's Trucking 1st Ryan Hetrick
        2nd Jesse James
        3rd Casey Mulkins
        4th Ken Brown
$ IMP. STOCK - 800   sponsored by: Automated Concepts & Tooling, Inc. 1st Steve Kimmy
        2nd Adam Kaczanowski
        3rd Kyle Gee
$ IMP. STOCK - 1000   sponsored by: Bay City Small Engine With bonus $ Barnhart Transportation, LLC 1st Greg Thomas
        2nd Adam Kaczanowski
        3rd Ryan Hetrick
$ PRO STOCK - 600   sponsored by: Brad Feisler Trucking 1st Casey Mulkins
        2nd Ken Brown
        3rd Bob Sentle
        4th Todd Klatt
$ PRO STOCK - 700   sponsored by: Mound Grove 1st Jesse James
        2nd Tyler Fram
        3rd Ken Brown
        4th Kyle Gee
$ PRO STOCK - 800   sponsored by: in Memory of Frank Johnson from his friends at Bob Ferrando World 1st Greg Thomas
        2nd Dawn Talucci
        3rd Ken Brown
        4th Logan Liddell
$ PRO STOCK - 1000   sponsored by: Dave Putnam Painting 1st Jesse James
        2nd Rich Daly
        3rd Kyle Gee
        4th Jess Pych


Name Address City St. Zip
Afton Trucking & Landscape Supply 8955 Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16509
Alek's  Powersports 1501 Peninsula Drive Erie PA 16505
Andy Kania's Hammett Motors 9199 Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16509
Audio Video Connection 12640 Silverthorn Road Edinboro PA 16412
Automated Concepts & Tooling, Inc. 14500 Willey Road Waterford PA 16441
Barnhart Transportation, LLC 9251 W Main St. North East PA 16428
Bay City Power Sports 10459 Route 19 N Waterford PA 16441
Bay City Small Engine 10459 Route 19 N Waterford PA 16441
Bill Danylko & Son Excavating Inc.  10185 Osborne Rd. McKean PA 16426
Birkmire Trucking Co. Big Box Rentals 7400 Birkmire Dr, Fairview PA 16415
Bonnell's Collision P.O. Box 37 Fairview PA 16415
Boyer RV Center, Inc 8956 Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16510
Brad Fiesler Trucking 1202 W 16th Street Erie PA 16502
Buschy Boy's Motorsports PO Box 82 McKean PA 16426
Crab Apple Ridge-Divots Bar & Grill 10085 US 19 Waterford PA 16441
Critter Camp & Cuts 32708 Forest Home Road Union City PA 16438
Crolli, Inc. 7835 Edinboro Road Erie PA 16509
Dave Putnam Painting 10055 Sampson Rd Erie PA 16510
Dick Deutsch Auto Body 8967 Old Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16510
Dr. Eric M. VanDamia, DMD 2181 Keystone Drive Erie PA 16509
Drive Erie, LLC 5311 Exeter Rd. Erie PA 16509
Etzel's Automotive, LLC 10222 Route 19 N Waterford PA 16441
Greg's Auto Service 559 W 18th St, Erie PA 16502
Henry's Inspection Services 2820 West 23rd Street Erie PA 16506
Home City Ice 8820 Old Wattsburg Rd Erie PA 16510
in Memory of Frank Johnson from his friends at Bob Ferrando World 8868 Ridge Road PO Box 152 Girard PA 16417
J.C. Orengia Landscaping 4468 W Ridge Rd Erie PA 16506
Jensens Target Collision 2978 West 12th Street Erie PA 16505
Jim @ NicholsFence 2514 S Arlington Rd Akron PA 44319
Johnsons Gearing & Fleet Supplies, Inc. 2631 West 12th Street Erie PA 16505
Kandys Inc. 9599 Peach St. Waterford PA 16441
Kearsarge Auto Parts Inc.  5505 Peach Street Erie PA 16509
Kinnear Painting & Service 135 East 1st Street Waterford PA 16441
Lloyds Cottages and rentals 36184 Dutch Hill Rd. Union City PA 16438
Mound Grove Donation Road Waterford PA 16441
Nelson's Trucking 9071 Peach Street Waterford PA 16441
Nothcoast Sanitition 2119 Lakeside Dr. Erie PA 16511
Off Road Express 10320 Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16509
Orchard Ponds Golf Club 8007 Pagan Rd. Erie PA 16509
Pfeffer Insurance Agency, Inc.  332 Holland Street Erie PA 16507
Pro Shock Services 10500 Donation Rd, Waterford PA 16441
PSSA/Elizabeth Krug 9820 Lake Pleasant Road Erie PA 16509
Rosthauser Contracting 9450 Shunpike Road Waterford PA 16441
Signs 4 Less 2633 W 12th St Erie PA 16505
Sirco Industrial Supply, Inc.  2127 Caughey Road Erie PA 16506
St. Boniface Ushers Club 8911 Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16509
Steve Danylko Landscaping 10195 Osborn Rd. McKean PA 16426
The Shop 17093 S.Townline Road Linesville PA 16424
Tires for Less 3770 West 26th Street Erie PA 16506
Tom Davis Auto and Randy Davis Excavating 8757 Wattsburg Road Erie PA 16509
Valley Tire Co. 1122 Weschler Avenue Erie PA 16502
Wagner Mower & Plow Service 5462 West Ridge Rd Erie PA 16506
Wildside Performance 11854 Station Road North East PA 16426





2014 Grass drag results

Trophy Class

Juniors I
1st - Jeffrey Rice
Juniors IV
1st Kenny Kacz

Vintage 340
1st Valarie Blank
2nd Steve Kimmy

Vintage 440
 (Wellie Yaple Memorial Cup)

1st Tim Reese
2nd Shelia Knupp

Vintage Open
1st Carl Brown
2nd Bobby Jones

2002 and Older 500

1st Shelia Knupp
2nd Chris Kent

2002 and Older 600
1st Whitney Jones
2nd Michele LaFlamme

2002 and Older 700
1st Eckel Racing
2nd Whitney Jones

2002 and Older 800
1st Eckel Racing
2nd Bob Sentle

Trail Stock 600
1st Whitney Jones
2nd Rene Hemphill

Trail Stock 600 Single
1st Rolf Krupp
2nd Patrick Canfield
3rd Brian Dwyer

Trail Stock 700
1st Tyler Greggs
2nd Kyle Johnson

Trail Stock 800
1st Kevin Myers
2nd Logan Liddell

Money Class

Stock 500 $
1st Rolf Krupp
2nd Zack Kerstetter

Stock 600 $
1st Nick Orengia
2nd Eckel Racing
3rd Dustin Brown
4th Whitney Jones

Stock 600 Single $
1st Zackary Hall
2nd Nick Orengia
3rd Dustin Brown
4th Rolf Krupp

Stock 700 $
1st Nick Orengia
2nd Eckel Racing
3rd Kyle Johnson

Stock 800 $
(Parker / Dauer Memorial Cup)

1st Ryan Dickenson
2nd Jeff Kimmy
3rd Logan Liddell
4th Joseph Powell

Improved Stock 500 $
1st Dave Stassin

Improved Stock 600 $
1st Jerold Hull
2nd Zackary Hall
3rd Dustin Brown

Improved Stock 700 $
1st Eckel Racing
2nd Ryan Hetrick
3rd Jeff Kimmy
4th Shelia Knupp

Improved Stock 800 $
1st Jerry Kacz
2nd Jessie Pych
3rd Ken Kacz
4th Steve Kimmy

Money Class

Improved Stock 1000 $
1st Greg Thomas
2nd Jerry Kacz
3rd Ken Kacz
4th Jessie Pych

Pro Stock 600 $
1st Jerold Hull

Pro Stock 700 $
1st Eckel Racing
2nd Jerold Hull

Pro Stock 800 $
1st Justin Fuller
2nd Dawn Talucci

Pro Stock 1000 $
1st Brian Werner
2nd Justin Fuller

Open 600 $
1st Jerold Hull

Open 800 $
1st Justin Fuller

Open 1000 $
1st Jerry Kacz
2nd Justin Fuller

1000 Improved Stock Turbo $
1st Chad Warholic
2nd Steve Gleson

Erie Cup
1st Ryan Dickenson

King of the Trail
1st Bob Sentle

Erie Cup
1st Jerry Kacz